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I would personally call the Doctor and tell him what is going on, your Mother diabetes is at a high level which is not good, maybe her Doctor could put her in the hospital for a few days and get her back on track, plus do whatever tests need to be done. She can have allot of legs problems from her diabetes being so high. Is she good about following the proper diet? My Mom is the same way, she is so stubborn about her health issue's, she won't take the proper steps for her rheumatoid arthritis, she is in allot of pain and she won't allow the Doctor to give her medication for it, she says she has her tylenol arthritis and that's all she needs, But she talks about it all day and night about how much pain she is in and how bad it is. I tell her there are all kinds of meds out there but she is a know it all and ignores everything I say. They can be very frustrating because they are so stubborn :o . I wish you luck and keep us posted but please all the Doctor.
Karen W.