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I just need a little reassurance that the way I am feeling after a total hysterectomy is normal.

I had surgery on Thursday. Discharged on Saturday and feeling pretty rough this evening (Sunday).

I can't do much of anything. When I stand, it feels like the my abdominal organs are going to fall out. My stomach is bloated from gas and I have not yet had a bowel movement. My bowels are making sounds but nothing is happening (well, maybe twice since I got home). I'm afraid of a bowel obstruction. I feel nauseated and dizzy pretty much all of the time. I am taking Tylenol #3 for the pain and feel I should be cutting back by now but the pain is a bit too much. I am cutting back to 1 every 6 hours at least.

I have to get my staples out on Tuesday. Is this too early? I'm worried about this too. I feel like a big baby you know. So many women go through this but I feel inept. I have had 2 back surgeries and those were walks in the park compared to this.

I just need some feedback as to others have felt and when I might expect to start feeling normal. Sorry about the whining but I can't handle feeling like this.

ANY feedback will help.


Justine :confused: