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Hi All,

I'm 34 and already dealing with a good deal amount of back pain from early degenerated discs. I saw a neurosurgeon last year but am not ready for surgery. I'm ready to take some kind of pain med (I'm also in PT) but am scared to death about addiction issues. I've never really taken a serious painkiller and I've heard the horror stories. Has anyone taken something that helped but wasn't problematic in stopping? PLEASE ADVISE!

P.S I do not have addictive tendencies nor does it run in my family...I'll barely take Tylenol although I did try Bextra and it didn't do a thing!

Bextra is a Cox-2 inhibitor (anti-inflamatory) used to treat arthritis and other inflamation. It is now off the market as is Vioxx. Celebrex is the only other Cox-2 still being manufacturered/distributed here in the USA. My understanding is that none of these or the NSAIDs are really pain relievers, but help with the pain from inflamation by addressing that. None are addictive, but come with their own special side effects and/or risks, however, if your pain is mild to moderate and due to inflamation, they can be very effective.

If you need something stronger, there are many pain relievers of varying strengths and ability available by prescription. (Do not take OTC pain meds other than Tylenol with anti-inflamatories, as the combination can be deadly.) Perhaps a combination of an anti-inflamatory and a mild pain med will work for you. Tell your doctor about your concerns. I'm sure he will work with you allieviate both your fears and pain.

Best wishes.

Hi there. I'm sorry you have reached a point where you are needing some kind of pain relief. Let me caution you, though, not to go to the doctor and ask for a specific kind of medication as that can set off red flags to the doctor.

There are numerous meds out there that I call "low maintenance" meaning that they aren't very strong and usually will do quite well for someone just starting out, though you may grow tolerant to them fairly quickly. There is one that is touted as "non-addictive" which is hooey but many doctors feel very good about prescribing it; it is called Ultram....also known as ultracet, or tramadol. Since you aren't used to narcotics it might work well for you. There is darvocet and tylenol #3 (codeine) as well.

There is a world of difference in addictiion and dependancy. If you take your meds as directed, if you don't run out early or take more than you are supposed to, if you don't take one when you aren't really needing it, then you shouldn't become addicted. You will become dependent instead. Just as a diabetic needs his insulin for his body to work right, or someone might need blood pressure medication, you will need your meds so that you can function properly, too. As with any med taken regularly, your body gets used to it and so you are dependent. That's nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, there are always those people who don't believe that you can take a narcotic without becoming an addict....that's why it's best to NOT tell anyone that you are taking them. So many people don't understand and it's best to just keep it to yourself than to argue and explain.

I wish you much luck and hope that you are able to find something that works well for you and that you are comfortable with.