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Hey folks. New to the back section. Can't seem to get much for answers else where!

So here is my story. I seem to have an ever-growing aggravated lower back issue. Months back I felt hip pain, almost like sciatica pain, and it seemed to have gone away. Then I developed later what seemed to be a lower back ache. Although it tended to orientate around my menstrual cycle (sorry if thats TMI) and then it would go away. This month, it hasn't. Its persisted and gotten worse. I have an appt with my obgyn to look into potential cysts etc, since it was focused around my monthly cycle prior to this month.

It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand after awhile and walking cna be uncomfortable too. Its very low, just directly above my buttocks. Sitting hurts more than standing, it tends to have a throbbing sensation, sometimes worse than others. The only time it feels completely relieved is laying on my stomach I discovered last night. Ibuprofen and motrin don't seem to touch it, nor tylenol.

Heat doesn't seem to help much either, unless I soak in a hot bath.

I have not had any injuries, or feel I've pulled anything that I am aware of. I work out regularly 6 times a week, focused on weight loss (although being 5'3" and 152lbs I don't think this is a huge issue). The only thing I will note is recently I have not been doi ng my very regular stretches because I have very muscular/strong legs they tend to keep my hamstrings very tight.

Any insight from anyone?? I'm so miserable.. sitting at work all day, just makes it worse. I'd rate the pain from a 1 to 10 at a 7-8 at its worse.