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I have been posting here recently and I thought I would give more details of my situation to those following and trying to help me. I was diagnosed with grade 1 pars defect spondy @ L5 about 9 years ago. I did all the conservative treatments and within the the last 4 years it slipped to a grade 2 and L4 started to tear and bulge.

I was fused from L4-S1 two weeks ago with rods,screw,cages, and bmp. I spoke to my spine specialist surgeon right before surgery and he spoke to my family after surgery and said everything went very well but that I would be complaining of a tight pulling sensation in my left leg because the ligaments and nerves were smashed down between my L5 and S1 which was pretty much bone on bone on the left side.

My surgeon left town the day of my surgery and I have not spoke to him since. The on call doc released me from hosp and I dont go to see surgeon till 3.5 weeks post op. I have had my ups and downs with no guidance.

I had extreme muscle cramping start at night about day 5 and was up everynight crying and walking with my walker trying to deal with the pain.I learned later that I was dehydrated and when I started to drink lots of water that the cramps miraculously left everywhere except my left calve. I also think I was malnourished too because I went off the pain meds for 2 days and then got my appetite back and the cramps seem to get even better.

I lost 8 pounds in about 7 days and I definitly have seen an improvement in the cramping since I started eating and drinking. I just have no appetite on the meds. My surgeon told me he does not believe in percoset because of addiction and that he only used vicodan. I was able to get percosets from the on call doctor.

I called the surgeon office for muscle relaxers for my leg cramps and they gave me skalaxan because it is not a sedative. They are really anti strong med. I have countered this problem with using my GP and have been getting any meds I request. I have gotten my perks refilled and I have flexerall, and klonipin.

My problem now is I got the drugs I need I just dont know what and when to take. I started to panic acouple days ago about addiction and completly went off the perks and used tylenol only. That is when I realized the leg cramps were less because I finally started eating.

I woke up lastnight after 2 days being on nothing with horrific aching in both my legs especially my calves and feet. Not really cramping though. I really dont know what to expect have no guidance from surgeon on what is normal what to expect and how to treat myself. I told Suzy-Q that I feel very alone with this pain and wish someone could relate.

There were several ppl on brain talk spinal disorders that were having similar surgery as mine but I dont think they have a laptop because I have not heard a word from them. It would be nice to compare recovery with someone going through or have gone through it. Just for reassurance at such a low time.

When I get out of bed it feels like my incission swells and gets tight and it seems like that is when my legs get tight and ache. How long does this go on? What should I be taking for pain. Should I take the muscle relaxers? which ones. I just like my title says. AM IN THE DARK. Thanks for your time.
I wanted to tell everyone Thank You sooooooooo much for trying to help me. I dont know what I would do without these boards. I do not take my meds around the clock like I should be I guess. I wait for the pain and then I take them. I guess I'm trying to prove to myself that I need them.

I have a good day I even went 2 days with nothing but tylenol. Then out of nowhere the pain comes raging back. I try to figure out what happened with no luck. I went to bed lastnight at 11 woke up at 1 in pain took a perkoset, woke up again in pain at 5 took another perk fell back asleep at 6:30 and woke up in pain at 8, took a flexerall and at 8:30 took a perk, woke up at 9:30 in pain and got up at 10.

The pain im waking up with is my incission area is really tight and I ache deeply from it to my toes. My legs are really crampy too. Also during the day when I walk I have bad pain in my left calf. A hot burning pain when standing. I did not have this pre surgery. I only had back pain and that is gone. I think I may need to walk more. The last 2 days I havnt walked much and I am in more pain these last 2 days. Anyways I will close for now. Im going to go to walmart today and buy some food. We have no food. My hubby will cook anything but I have to plan what were going to have and figure it all out for him.

Thanks again.