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Morning All,
Yesterday was a bad day, hurt ALL over, but humidity was high, knew it as soon as I woke up, so back nck, RT. foot was bad all day. Today woke up with light pain, no humidity mainly, couldn't live back where there was a lot anymore, it sure tells on me. Feet don't hurt and stomach isn't bad YET? :eek: My cocktail is about the same usually 3 percocet a day, some like today will be Xs tylenol with 1, sometimes 2 Robaxin, then 1 soma at night, got to do what works and live reasonably well anyway. Still have friends here, so have a good weekend all. Hope you are ready for work force, Sue, I can't right now, hopefully by June or July. Bye for now..... :)

Okie46 :wave: