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Larry went Friday evening and got us a port a pit chicken plate. I mentioned to him, I thought mine was undercooked. He started throwing up at 11:00pm. I started at 3:30am again at 8:30. Couldn't keep anything not even a sip of water down. Chills, muscle cramps,then diareah. Had a bag of fluids. Hooked it up. Ran 1000cc fluids. Then the fever 102.4 (I was thinking die you lyme) but it got so bad with cramps headache and other aches I had to take tylenol. Brought fever down to 101. Larry threw up again last night. I took a sip with a pill this morning. It came right back up. Talked with my daughter and she said they would do fluids if I went to ER. No other treatment for Food poisoning. It takes several days to get it out of your system. I know with the fever I need to detox, but got to find the energy first. Since we both had the same thing to eat and both got sick, don't think it could be anything else. Got to go lay down. Prayers...Marsha