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There are two possibilities I might suggest. She may be diabetic and needs to be checked for that. Frequent urinating is a symptom.

The aching, hurting, etc. could be "fibromyalgia", in other words something women are more suspectable to getting and little is known about it and no cure. It is thought to be a disease caused by the autoimmune system. It is not necessarily inflammation. Actually doctors do not know the cause either.

I have fibromyalgia and regardless of how many hours sleep I get I wake up tired, aching. I too have hurting muscles in upper arms, many other places. The aching, hurting, fatigue is more intense at times than others. Weather change really does a number on me.

I live with aches, pains, etc., life goes on. I now have a 3" foam mattress plus 2 of the 2" memory foam pads on my bed. This helps to relieve pressure on my body, otherwise I hurt all night long.

She should be seen by a rheumatologist and definitely checked for diabetes.

Believe me, no one understands what living with pain, fatigue is until they personally experience it. A person with fibromyalgia will look like a picture of health regardless of the misery they suffer. I do not take fibro meds (usually depression type meds are given), just live with it and when it gets too rough take Tylenol. A person's positive attitude will go a long ways to helping cope with the misery. If a person moans and groans, most likely they are too focused on their misery. I am not saying your girlfriend should not mention how she feels to you, but putting on a poor me show should not be either. A spouse or partner should be considerate and supporting, but, not pacifying.

Her physical work load should be reduced to what she is able to handle at this time.

Until she is checked out by a rheumatologist and checked for diabetes, she most likely will not feel better. Just finding out what the problem really is will relieve some of the worry and stress.