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schao :wave:
I pray you find out what it is!! :angel: That is a draw back of the computer. It can scare you to death. :eek:

I have the same exact pains you are describing. I don't know your history but do you already have back problems? :confused:

I am 10 weeks post op from a lumbar fusion & I have DDD. I was having the same pains before surgery and continue to have them after. As a matter of fact, I was pacing the floor today, because sitting and laying down where about to kill me. Today I took my Neurontin, 800mg Ibuprophren,ES Tylenol and finally had to take 1/2 dose of my Vicodine. The only thing I haven't taken the past few days is Flexeril (muscle relaxer) because Rx ran out, not sure if that is why is was worse or not. Hope this helps. :rolleyes: