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Maybe he could go to the doc and have fluid removed (via needle) from the lump. It may have calcified too much and the pain may last awhile, but this sounds recent so i would suggest stretching and massage. He may have sharp pain due to a nerve that may be pinched in the lump.

Anti-inflammatories, such as asprin,may help. Tylenol and other acetaminophen will probably serve no point. Aleve is Naproxen so it is the best for killing pain (OTC)

I wouldnt waste time with hot/cold packs or Aspercream (it's basically just asprin - Methyl salicylate- that your rubbing on the skin that will eventually be broken down in the liver just like taking an asprin by mouth.)
Hi everyone,

Well just got home a little while ago and found out some better news than we were looking for.

My husband has nothing wrong with his bones. He has tendonitis, so the doctor told him to ice it, as he has been doing and to take some tylenol 3 that he wrote a prescription for but my husband will not take it because it constipates him really bad.

So basically we do the same as we have been, my husband will keep icing the area and he will take his aleve, unless someone here has a better solution. I think he should take the tylenol 3 but he told me he would rather live through the pain in his shoulder than be backed up down there.

We went to the best doctor around too, he is very well known throughout our tri county.

I wish there was something else I could do for him but there really isn't.

Thanks for all of your wishes, I hope he gets better.
Tell him to try this for a day to help with constipation and take the tylenol 3. To help to get his bowels moving he should increase his fiber intake with an addition of bran foods and drink plenty of fluids. Exercise/Increase Ambulation (even as simple as walking) will help to propel the colon contents so that is something he may want to try.