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I'm new and apologize this is so long. I have arthritis pain in my lower back and my legs ache every night. I can't take any NSAID's or medication like that because of a very sensitive stomach so I take tylenol ES or if it is real bad my doctor has prescribed Lortab 5/500 which I take 1 to 2 tablets a day. Usually at night since that is when it is the worst. Anyway here recently I have found that I can tolerate one to two advil a day. During the day it seems to help the pain when I take one advil along with one tylenol ES. I only take the lortab when i know i will be home. I work everyday. My question is, will taking these together at the same time cause problems? My liver enzymes were elevated at my check up in Febr and my dr. wants to recheck in 8 weeks. I am also anemic and have been doing b12 and iron injections since Oct. 2005. In August of 05 I tested positive for west nile virus. Could either of these be the cause of the elevation? Thanks for the help.

i am rather curious as to why your doc is actually letting you continue on with taking any tylenol and the advil while your liver enzymes are out of the norm.really.how much actual tylenol is in the ES,ten?you are also getting tylenol from the vicodin too.

you need to really find out just exactly what is comintg from what and what your overall actual health status is.there are different meds you can be taking right now that do not contain any tylenol and i would be kind of careful with the advil as it does affect your clotting ability.depending on just what is out of range on your hepatic panels,this could also be an issue.If you do not yet have a cpy or copies of all of your labs and all your medical records in your possession,i would very highly suggest that you get them,all of them from every doc or anyplace that has ever seen you with regard to this issue.

you really DO have to get this these records and keep them updated.anytime you have an ongoing or chronic condition,you really DO need to keep your own set of your own records.espescially all lab sheets or other tests that may have been run.these should all be kept(just the most pertinent info)in some sort of expanding type of folder that you can take with you to all appts with any of the docs you may see and also this will really really come in very handy if you should ever have the need to be seen for something rather emergent in the ER.all you have to do is grab that folder that contains all of the most up to date and important records and go.Just having your last set of lab sheets will help tons by giving the ER docs who have never seen you before,a real good set of your baseline labs to work from.they would do repeat labs and then will actually have "something' to compare it too,you know what I mean?this helps YOU alot and also saves alot of hassle and time.

having the issues you currently do,you really really need to keep on top of all of your medical issues by getting these records,it helps alot,trust me.but like I stated above,you really do need to find out just what is causing what and what your health status really is and what you need to do next.it kinda looks like you are in limbo as far as answers.but I also would thoroughly discuss all of your medications with your doc ans see if there is something else you can be taking that does not contain any tylenol.You need to do what is best for you and your current health status,tylenol right now,for you,i just do not think that is really a great idea.the advil because of its blood thinning capabilities should be looked at too depending on what your last labs say about your clotting factors and whether they are normal.

The absolute best thing you can do for yourself is what you are doing now,inform yourself about whats going on with you and research the heck out of any and all conditions you may be Dxed with.knowledge IS power when it comes to your health,really.the more you know about what is going on,the much better care you will recieve and the types of questions you can ask your docs will be much more direct and to the point and will also enable you to at least somewhat understand all of the answers.

I hope it all works out well for you.please let us know how things go,k? i wish you luck,FB