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I dont have much info but I wanted to let you know that since I had 2 level 4 weeks ago I woke up with pain in my left foot and calf. I did have tngling but that was gone before I left the hosp. I now just have deep aching and blurning when I stand on it. I have the sunburned feeling across the top of my foot and toes too. I see that they left u at a grade 2 spondy. I was a grade 2 but they pulled me back to normal and I wonder if I wouldnt have these problems if they would have just left me a 2 or 1. I have lots of pulling and cramping in both legs but left is much worse.

I think they stretched and tweaked me a lot to get me back to normal spinal alignment. I was diagnosed 9 years ago. Im pretty sure I had it most my childhood. I remember having back problems as a teen. Im 34. Anyways, I am rambling. I just wanted to let you know that I'm with ya. I just started 300 mgs of neurotin. I currently take xtra strength tylenol and skalaxin. I need to do something else though, because I am taking like 8 tylenol a day and it is bad for your liver. Problem is that I am med phobic. I hate meds, they scare me. I was off all narcotics by day11.

Thanks again for for answering my post recently. I tend to panic about things. I dont make a good post fusion patient because I freak at any little thing. I currently am obsessing about RSD because my foot burrns at night and feels sunburned. cant wear my slippers or play footsie with hubby anymore. The footsie thingf really really pisses me offfffffffffffffffffffffff.
Take Care