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I woke up several times last night with nightmares. The only time I get vivid nightmares is when I have a fever. I've been feeling rundown lately, like I'm getting sick. I have no other symptoms so far. I know that Ibuprofen (spelling?) reduces fever, but all I have here is aspirin and a couple Tylenols. I don't want to drive today since I don't have to go anywhere, but my mom is coming up to take my grandma to the doctor, and can bring me something. Will aspirin or Tylenol work or will something else be better for it? I mainly just want to get some rest today without nightmares so I can go to work tomorrow. Thanks.
I think your best bet is to go with the Tylenol. Asprin can sometimes irratate your stomach and that sounds like the last thing you need! Feel better!