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I am on several meds and I also take vitamins suppliments... I am confused on when to take them and what pills are not to be taken together...I know that some interact with each other. I am on a multivitamin,I take E and Calcium/with D, I take fish oil my prescriptions are Lipator Gemfibrozil, and fosamax, I take the Fosamax on sunday mornings, and take the Lipator before bedtime as suggested by my Dr. I was told to take the Gemfibrozil 2X a day, as well as the calcium, and take the fish oil 2 or 3 times a day.I was on other suppliments but dont take them now. can someone with some experience help me work out a time schedual, that I can write down and put on my bathroom mirror to remind me..hahaha. Thanks so much. Also when I need to take a pain medication such as tylenol or my naproxin for my back, will that interfere with my other meds? Thanks again :confused: