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I'm 4 months post-op from PLIF, decompression, laminectomy, cages and screws/rods at L5-S1. For a while I took elavil as a sleep aid and a bonus effect was the pain in my toes (which I'm assuming is nerve pain) was somewhat better. I originally took 25 mg but hated the side effects and tried a 10 mg dose, which I stopped 2 weeks ago. Now I'm trying to decide how much of the discomfort I can live with.

My biggest problem post-op is that my toes are hyper-sensitive (flip-flop between cold and burning). I walk 3-5 miles most every day (310 miles this year) 99% of the time that keeps the pain and cold feeling in check (I can deal with the burning). I take robaxin 2-3 times a day plus 4-6 XST with a very occasional vicoden. I'm not crazy about taking the muscle relaxers and the tylenol, but prefer that over the hungover/spaced out feeling caused by the elavil... ;) As long as my quality of life is acceptable for right now, I'm not pushing to try anything else (but might need to once I go back to work - we'll see).