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I certainly understand being nervous. We booked my daughter's surgery in Feb and she didn't have it until June. I was a basket case for months. Along with you I got great information from these boards, but the stories scared me to death. My daughter now says that I scared her more with the stories that I read. She had pain, but didn't feel it was that bad. She said she's glad she did it and didn't try to wait until she was 18. She had a tlif with a laminectomy and discectomy. She has six screws, two rods and spacers. They were to use her bone from her hip, but her dr decided to use the lami bone along with donor bone.

I'll try to answer some of your questions from her experience. Just remember that she was 16 at the time and in ped icu and then a peds room.

1. I was shocked to see that she came back from surgery lying on her back. It was kind of surprising. She was in icu at this time and the nurses came in often and rolled her from side to side. They had a foam wedge that they would put along side of her. We took it home and used it for the first few weeks.

2. She had the morphine pump for the first few days. She was able to squeeze the button any time she needed it, but as you heard it is set to only administer so much at a time and at a certain interval. This is so you don't od. It seemed to keep her comfortable. At times she would watch the clock to see when she could push again. A side effect of the morphine can be intense itching, which she had. She had the surgery on Fri and they removed the pump on Sun and had to give her lots of benadryl for itching.

3. My daughter had a catheter. Surgery was Fri at 11:00 and pt came and got her out of bed Sat about the same time. The girl taught her how to get into a chair. Be prepared to feel nauseous. I guess that is very common. They were to take the catheter out Sat night, but they hadn't taught her to walk yet and never mentioned bringing in a bedside commode. So they waited a day to take it out. Her dr wasn't happy about that. he wanted it out on Sat. They taught her how to walk on Sunday, do steps on Mon. and sent her home on Tues.

4. From what my daughter's dr explained is that the spacers keep the normal disc height. I can see these spacers on her xrays now. He put bone along each side of the discs, not sure abou between. She had the screws to hold her spine in place. This is why he didn't put her in a brace post op.

5. She had her surgery the first day of her vacation and went back to school the last week of Aug when the new year started - about 10 weeks later. She sat at school all day fine.

6. Her dr sent her home on lortab, but it really made her sick. He also gave us compazine to help that. He then called in valium when her muscles spasmed for a few nights. She was off all meds ten days post op, but from what I have read this doesn't sound normal.
7. I think her nerves woke up one night and we weren't sure what was going on. I called her dr at 4 am just frantic. She had taken tylenol instead, we were seeing if it stopped the stomach upset. So he had me put her back on the lortab and give her benadryl. She said her legs were restless like they always wanted to move. She was miserable. The next day he called in the valium and it only midly happened one other time to her.

This was our experiences with a 16 year old. Try to keep busy. Believe it or not the day of surgery my daughter and I were really calm. I had done all of my crying for months and they gave her something right away. My husband was the one I had to send out of the room because he was so nervous. Best of luck!!! cas
:wave: Hello,
I had L4-S1 TLIF 5 weeks ago. I was on my back before surgery, put on my stomach for surgery and back on my back in recovery. Dont remember any of it. I was off all pain meds about 12 or 13 days post op. I hate meds. However, I was taking the max 4000 mgs of tylenol and that is bad for your liver. I now take skalaxen for muscle spasm, tylenol, and starting to take neuroton for nerve pain which started about 3.5 post op.

I was up walkin the next day, and my catheter was removed then also. The morphine pump was o.k. but I never really was 100% pain free. I dont understand the whole nerves waking up thing either. All I know is that my feet are very sensitive to toch and hurt with shoes on. This is my nerves. Weird things happen when they mess with the nerves in your spine.

I have a sesk job for the most part, and I am not going back to work for quite some time. Im 34 and my doc says I will heal faster than someone much older but the body can only do so much so fast. My back feels great. I had grade 2 spondy and fought back pain for 9 years. I am having some issues with my left leg and muscles, but I am only 5 weeks out. Hope I helped some.

hello there! I'm 28 and had TLIF on July 5th on l5-s1, you might want to search under my name, there are some long posts between Caz and I during our recovery, we wrote a lot about what we were going through. here's my experience:
I was in the pre op room, and some wonderful nurse came and gave me something to relax me, well it knocked me out!! I only remember waking up in my room with my family around me, and I guess I was upset because I was swearing a lot!! the next thing I remember was waking up the next morning (my surgery was late in the day, I came out of recovery about 7:00pm) the nurse was talking to me, and I was in pain, I had a morphine pump, the nurses helped me log roll on my sides, and the dr took the bone from my left hip as well. but I was able to lay on it. I had to move a lot, otherwise I was very stiff. I had the catheter, and that was in for a day in half, and that's when I got out of bed for the first time. I would have been out bed sooner, but the morphine made me really sick, and very dizzy. once I was off all the pain meds I was fine, I was taking tylenol on my 3rd day. there was pain, but its nothing like before surgery, which sounds so weird, but it was better.
I got up everyday and walked the hall, not far, and I would get up to go to the bathroom, but not by myself. I used 2 canes for 3 weeks, then down to 1 then a few weeks later I had nothing. I was in the hospital for 5 days. I was out walking in a store at 2 weeks, but I couldn't be out longer then an hour. I really felt like myself around 4 weeks, and could sit longer and walk more. I was planning my wedding during my recovery so I had lots of things to keep me busy.
when I first got home I had to have my dad help log roll me (I moved back home with my parents because they took care of my sister when she had her back surgery, so they were pro's by my turn!) I only went up and down the stairs 2-3 times a day.
like I said my surgery was in July, I got married October 1st, I danced all night, no pain, went to Aruba for my honeymoon, snorkled and danced, it was the best week so far!! I went back to work around September, but I went part time and increased the time I stayed each week, so I was able to come back to full time after my wedding. I have a desk job too, I still get up a lot during the day and walk around, I do some stretches and things while sitting. I'm also in PT, swim class, and massage therapy now which really helps with my recovery.
my surgery was the best decision I ever made! before surgery I couldn't lift my left leg, it was so painful all the time, I was depressed, gained weight, I couldn't enjoy the things I once did. It's not all roses now, I'm still trying to lose the weight, but the pain is no where as it was, I can lift my leg, and walk, even light jog. I'm very happy with my results, but I'm still recovering, and I understand there may be more surgeries, but this was worth it, and looking back at the surgery is kinda hard to remember it all!!
my thoughts and prayers are with you, and please keep me posted!! try to find my other postes, like I said Caz and I went back and forth about a lot!! she is a great source for info!!