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I have this problem too - every cold or bug I get goes into my lungs after a few days, and I wind up with a 6 week battle with "bronchitis". I don't think it's realy bronchitis, because taking an antibiotic after the onset never helped - I still had to suffer through the 6 weeks of coughing it out. I think that my body, especially my lungs, produce an excess of phlegm and mucus whenever I get a cold and it takes longer to cough it out than it does for other people I figured out how to control this problem in college 12 years ago, and I'll share it with you, and then the University of Virginia actually came out with a study 6 years ago that actually proposed that the treatment I had discovered was the best way to handle a cold, especially for the strongly affected.

Whenever I feel the first signs of a cold, I immediately begin taking ibuprofen or tylenol (to control swelling) and most importantly, a decongestent. The magic decongestant is pseudoephedrine. It used to be widely availeable in pharmacies, but now thanks to the meth problem, they usually keep the products containing pseudoephedrine behind the pharmacist's counter, and you sometimes need to produce ID to purchase it - but you don't need a prescription.

Anyway, it is crucial that I begin the decongestent and antiinflammatory the 1st day of being sick, before my lungs have a chance to "puss out". If I stay on the decongestent for the entire length of the cold (usually 10 days, taken on a regular schedule), I don't get the secondary bronchitis. Period. I have shared this technique with all my family and friends, and it also helps for people who don't get such extreme pussing out - but it help them significantly with alleviating the symptoms of their colds.

I used to take Nyquil and Dayquil, because they contained both Acetaminophen and Pseudoephedrine, but they also contain a lot of other stuff that bothered my stomach. I switched to generic pseudoephedrine decongestent tablets, which are basically nothing but a dose of pseudoephedrine. Then I taken an Advil along with it.

Remember - when you're buying the decongestent, do not buy anything containing "doxylamine or phenylephrine (the new replacements for pseudoephedrine). My family and I agree that it just doesn't work as effectively as pseudoephedrine for people who are severe mucous producers.

Until I came up with this strategy, I would get 3 colds a year, and each cold would last for 2 weeks, and the bronchitis/pussing episode would last for another 6 weeks. This means I spent 24 weeks a year being sick and unable to exercise, which really SUCKED! I am now able to exercise usually 7-8 days after beginning a cold, and haven't had an episode of bronchitis/pussing out since I was 20. What's weird, is that when you have the initial cold, and you're going through the worst of it, there are 2 days where I ususally am so sick that I can't get out of bed. Being on the decongestent, I feel like there are little fists beating inside my lungs, trying to produce mucous - but they can't, because of the decongestent. I just suffer through those 2 days or so, and then it all gets better.

You don't need all the other drugs - expectorents are useless in particular. Just try my regimen and spread the word.