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Hi, About 3 weeks ago, I slipped down the stairs at my job. I did not fall and I landed on my feet and I never let go of the railing. (It was a ladder type stairs) Anyway I banged my elbow and my elbow went numb but I have hit my funny bone before and this time felt no different so I just shook it off and worked the day no problem, I did not report it at the time because I felt I was okay. Now of course the elbow was tender to the touch. Anyway the next day I took an 800 milligram tylenol. The ironic part was I was not taking it for the elbow. My wife had seen me stiff and tired from my job (Sometimes physical jobs have that effect) and she suggested I try one. So I did and as soon as I did my elbow swelled like a balloon but it went down to what it was when the medication wore off. A day or so later I woke up with my arm area covered in black and blue as if someone had beaten me up. However I was still able to work and do my job with no problem and I would only feel pain if I hit my elbow. On Friday the same week I was injured I told my boss I hurt myself on Monday. He informed me that I should have reported it right away and I said I did not because I was able to work and did not think anything of it. (I know I was wrong in not reporting it right away). Anyway my Supervisor asked me if I wanted to go to the Doctor but if I had to be put on disability or if I was on light duty my hours would be reduced. Neither which I can really afford. So I said I can work and I will see how it goes and he told me that he would inform the supervisor in Charge of injuries and that was that. Now it has been two weeks and all the bruising has gone away and I can function the elbow with no pain (Unless I lay it down at the sore spot but no where near as tender as a few weeks ago.) However there are some problems, I can't straighten out my arm fully, I'd say I can straighten it out 98% in my injured arm as opposed to 100% in my good arm. Also in the elbow area there is still a small swelling area that has not gone away. My question is this. Being that the elbow is really not causing me any problems and the fact that there is small swelling and I can only straighten it 98 or so percent is more of a nuisance if anything. Can I just leave my elbow the way it is and live with it or is there a reason (besides just getting full mobility in my elbow) why I need to have this looked at by a doctor.
Thank You