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Hi...My daughter was in the same situation as yours. She always had enlarged tonsils that interfered with breathing, etc. and after putting it off for what seemed like forever, our ENT determined they had to be removed to improve her quality of life. She had the surgery shortly after her 4th bday. The surgery was less than 10 minutes, she was awake like 30 minutes later. I'm sure it was harder on me than her!! LOL. Yes, she was in a lot of pain during her recovery (about a week) but that was mainly b/c she absolutely REFUSED her pain meds. She would only take Tylenol, not the hydrocodone or whatever it is the hospital gave us. So in that sense, it was horrible. But, she was a trooper and I don't regret it for a second. I am not sure how your daughter's speech is, but my daughter wasn't talking much before the surgery and it was amazing how much her speech improved, and of course her sleeping was so much better, no more snoring, no more being tired from waking up constantly during the night. I think you should go with the surgery. You'll be so glad you did. My doctor never once mentioned any kind of steroid treatment, so I don't know much about that. Besides, that might help a bit but the underlying problem is still there. Good luck!!