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November of 2005 my fiancée began to exhibit symptoms that would later put her in the hospital.

• She began to have rather severe pain in her upper right side, just under her ribcage.
• Family Doctor prescribes antibiotics and pain medications for Pleurisy which she takes through December, supplemented with Tylenol for pain.
• There is no relief through this time frame
• January 4th of 2006 finds her at the emergency room in liver failure, enzymes around 15,000, spends the month of January there, goes into kidney failure and is on dialysis for two weeks. Liver and Kidneys seem to repair themselves.
• Pancreatic enzyme levels are high at one point during her stay.
• Dismissed from the hospital….high grade fever for 3 days after discharge, over 104.
• Vomits on a daily basis, esp. after intake of food.
• Visits hospital again in the hometown of her parents as she has gone there to recoup. Diagnosed with Pancreatitis and Gallstones.
• Continues to throw up on a daily basis, even to this day.
• Returns to the hospital on March 21 after continuous vomiting and continued severe pain.
• Admitted with elevated liver enzymes
• Liver enzymes climb above 600 and then trend downwards.
• Gallbladder study reveals no problems with the Gallbladder and no stones.
• No forms of hepatitis.
• EGD shows nothing.
• Has a Needle Liver Biopsy, have not heard results from that yet.
• Liver Doc is at a loss as to what is happening. Suggests sending her to Dallas for Pancreas treatment.
• Thinks it may be auto-immune, linked to Pancreas or something viral.
• She is sent home so that she can rest….Dr tells her he will see her back soon, sets an appointment for two weeks and tells her he may see her before then in the hospital.
• She still throws up everyday, has no energy to do any activities and has extreme pain under her ribcage which radiates to her back
• She is a 34 year old Caucasian, 5’3, 120 pounds in good health before all this, doesn’t drink at all now and only moderately before all of this. Has not had any otc meds since December.

Any ideas where to go from here appreciated. She is in constant pain and takes Demerol for that but tries to only take it before bedtime to sleep. Her life is at a standstill.