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To really find out for sure,the best thing would be to actually bring in a list of all your meds to your pharmacist and discuss this with them.most docs wouldn't know the actual answers you need as they don't even know about half of the meds that actually Rx for there patients,as far as all possible side effects and contraindications.the pharm would.

Believe me,I know where you are coming from with this question as I have a kidney disease that also effects my liver and am also a chronic pain patient with a huge list O meds I need to take on a daily basis.Like the above poster stated,the biggest thing that I worry about is tylenol.I don't use it,unless I absolutely have to.my son also went thru a liver transplant and i use it sparingly in him as well.

it appears that tylenol is not just the little innocuous med that everyone has always thought it to be for like years?the more research and seeing the true effects on many patients is giving this drug alot more caution than in the past.there are alot of people waiting on the transplant list for new livers and kidneys just due to tylenol toxicity form ongoing daily use,at even moderate doses.the worst thing you can do while taking tylenol is drinking alcohol.this just gives the organs,espescially the liver a huge double whammy that totally depletes the chemical needed to actually metabolize it.thats when cell damage starts.

i know how much just having to be on any meds is,espescially when they are all for horrid chronic pain.but this is what we have to do if we want any sort of actual life.i would just discuss all of your meds with your pharmacist.you should also be using only one actual pharmacy for all of your meds.this just helps the pharm look for any possible med interactions before you would actually even take them.they have specific programs in their computer systems that will send up a little red flag when it detects a possible interaction.I know it did this for me when I was going to be taking another muscle relaxer along with the one I was already on.

hope you have a low pain day.FB