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I feel your fear. I do not have a family history of BC, but the summer before last had the same type of biopsy as Robin mentioned that she had. The main difference in the one we had and the one you are having is just that they will use an ultrasound machine to guide yours and they used x rays to do ours.
I agree with everything she said about the clip. I have one as well and there is no way by looking or by feeling that I can tell it is there. It is used as a marker as she said, not because it was or looked like it was cancerous, but because they do not want to question something that is likely to be scar tissue from a previous biopsy. It will just let them know when you have future mammograms that something was there which has already been investigated. There are no stitches and no pain that cannot be controlled by extra strength tylenol for a day or two after this procedure. I would much rather have the one they are recommending you have rather than a surgical one. Even with a family history your chances of it being cancer are very slim. Why have surgery and face all the risks of general anesthesia if you do not have to, which is probably going to be the case? Also, even if it is cancer it appears as if it has been caught very early. Most cases of very early breast cancer do not even require chemo. A friend of mine who is in her early 50s was just found to have breast cancer. After her ultrasound biopsy she had a lumpectomy and is beginning six weeks of radiation tomorrow. They expect a full recovery for her and no need for any type of additional treatment in the future.

Please know that I am praying for you too.