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i stumbled across this thread completely by coincidence, but i'm glad i did.

my niece, age 5, has suffered for some time from symptoms that sound remarkably like those of jon's daughter. the pediatrician has diagnosed the leg pain as "growing pains" and the stomach pain remains as just "one of those things". my brother and his wife are at the point of thinking it's all just a ploy for attention.

there've been many times when the whole extended family has been out and suddenly i'll see my niece's face crumple up, she'll start whimpering and grabbing at mom or dad, and then start crying. if it's the leg pain, they give her liquid tylenol. if it's the stomach pain, they give her some sort of anti-gas liquid prescribed by the pediatrician. of course, it breaks my heart to see her hurting.

she also suffers from chronic constipation - reason unknown. her siblings eat the same food as her and have no digestive problems. i'll have to ask if any of the various conditions/diseases mentioned here have been checked into.

one item of note, though (and i never realized it until reading through this thread) - i've only ever seen the problem with leg or stomach pain when i'm with her and her parents, never when i've spent time with the kids alone.

therefore, i was interested in the post about anxiety, too. my niece is the middle child, gets the least attention and the most punishment. it's long been clear to anyone on the outside that she suffers from a great deal of anger and frustration. we encouraged her parents to try counseling, but they took her to one session, didn't like what the therapist wanted to talk about, and never went again.

her personality has recently taken a turn towards mean, as she's started hitting, kicking and biting her parents, her siblings and even pets. it's obvious that she suffers from anxiety, but i never thought of tying anything physical into it.

hmmm, more to maybe try - very carefully - to talk to my brother and sister-in-law about.

any comments, suggestions, advice, insight, etc., appreciated. that's why we're all here!