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those sound like tonsil stones. regardless..it definitely sounds like your tonsils need to be removed before the problem(s) worsen. I was getting to where I choke on my own saliva. It was that bad! i was born with large tonsils....so that didnt help matters in the least when they started swelling. i was 31 when i had my tonsils removed..i am not certain how old you are...but i know they say its harder on adults. but, i didnt really suffer too awful bad. the main keys are....1) to CONSTANTLY keep your throat moist...keep that water bottle in your hand.....because once your throat gets dry....it WILL get sore. keeping it moist is VERY crucial. 2) pain meds--was supposed to take every 4 hours...but i took every 3-3 1/2 hours so that it would never have a chance to run out and cause pain to start!!!! 3).....most definitely...in case no one has ever told you.......narcotic pain meds...such as tylenol with codeine,....WILL most likely cause MAJOR constipation.....so before having surgery...you need to start yourself on high fiber liquids (like metamucil, etc) fiber pills, stool softeners. This was the ABSOLUTE worst part of having the surgery done (no one ever told me that pain meds would cause this!!!...I learned the hard way!!) good luck