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I went to my Pain Mgmt. Dr. is afternoon. He was soooo nice, he was concerned because of the pain I was in... I told him what I thought had caused this awful flare up....my shopping and vacuuming...and standing to long. He said that those are activities of daily living, and we should be able to do them. I told him that I am probably one of the few women who cring when anyone mentions shopping at the mall...not me....no thanks...that causes PAIN.
The end result of the visit was he prescribed Percoset 10 mg with tylenol..325.. I hope that it works, cause he said that if that doesn't work, he would have to put me in the hospital with IV meds.....I do not like the sound of that.... But, hopefully this change of meds will help & take care of me until I have my appt. at the Mayo clinic...

I believe that I had Percoset about 30 years ago, and it gave me an itchy rash...... so I have stayed away from it. I have not had any problem with the hydrocodone 10 mg. no rashes there....so maybe I won't get one from the Percoset.
Oh well, hope all do well for this evening....

awww Kelsey,
I feel so bad for you right now. I do understand what you are feeling, I have been there. Last year I went to a different pain mgmt. dr. He took me off of the hydrocodone, and told me to take tylenol....yeah that helped. Three weeks later I was in the same state you are. That's when I changed back to my previous dr. (he had helped me prior to my ACDF and was local).
I don't know why some doctors do this....reduce or eliminate meds what are helping and then don't help you when you have increased pain....I can only suggest that you talk to your family dr. and tell him what is going on, and ask that he recommend a new pain management dr. That PM doctor is not a caring person, he's supposed to help you with your pain, not help make it worse.....if he can't explain his reason why he isn't helping you, he should be fired. It's bad enough that you are hurting, for what ever reason, but to have someone make you feel worse....by his actions or words, that is unforgiveable. It damages your self confidence in yourself, as well as what damage the increased pain is doing to you.

Please know that others have experienced what you are going through, and that they are thinking of you, and caring what is happening....I am sending you a big hug cause you need it right now....as well as suggesting that you speak with your family doctor about a change in pain management doctors.

I have also found a wonderful person who helps me by hypnotism. I have not told my other doctors about her. I pay for her out of pocket, as my insurance will not cover this type of treatment. I have been to her 3 times in 2 years. BUT, she has helped me deal with the stress....and also a bit with the pain issues. She has made me understand that some doctors become upset if they can't cure you. The fast cures make them feel better, but then there are others like us. Too bad for them, sorry I'm not a quick fix....but I am a patient. Guess we can burn them out too....if that is happening she told me, change is good. My lady helped save my sanity....I really thought I was going nuts. Best $60 a visit I have ever spent....Last time she gave me wellness tapes to listen to....boy, for some reason I zonker out...go to sleep when I listen to them. But, I feel better afterwards.

I have learned that I have to take care of me, and it has worked for me....from what I have read on these and other boards, I am very fortunate to have my pm doctor....when I get better (and I say when...not if) I am going to write him a letter and tell him how much he helped me, by listening to me and believing what I was saying, and trying to find a solution for me.

I didn't write the above to make you feel worse Kelsey, but to give you hope and empowerment....sometimes we have to stand up for us..(and I am a weenie about standing up for me, always afraid of hurting someone else's feelings...) Please take care of you this weekend...do what you have to do to make you comfortable...call your primary dr. on Monday and get an appt. and a referral to a new pain mgmt. dr.....