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Don't recommend doubling any meds that the doc hasn't improved an increase on. As you see or can call even your primary or PM doc, do so first thing Monday morning. The Osteo brand triple strength Glucosamine/Chondroitin is what my spine specialst recommended I try along with the pain meds I had while my BMP was fusing. The reason the doc says not to take NSaids, which also includes things like Aleve, is that even in the clinical trails there was indication that the few low percentages of failed fusions were linked to use of NSAIDS and/or smoking. Although, even 2 % is low, it isn't low to those that failed and had to go through it again.

The thing about the Glucosamine is two fold. The bad is that for most people it takes a week or two before they notice the improvement. The good things are that if you get the big supply of it from someplace like a Sam's Club, you're spending maybe $30 for a 3 month supply, 2) that so far even the doctors are not aware of any ill side effects other than the allergy warning that are listed on the bottle/boxes, and 3) that it has provided relief to all joints, not just the painful back.

As for the pain you have and for which you need immediate attention, I thought that neurontin worked slowly and had to build up in your system. As it is an off-label use of a seizure medication, I did read up on it when it was prescribed for me, but my body could not handle the side effects it gave me with my heart problems and migraines. It is great that neurontin seems to work on the pain for some and I hope it can give you major relief, but if I recall correctly, don't you have to take it routinely at scheduled intervals throughout the day, pain or not?

Lortabs worked for me, but I don't like being on the narcotic meds for long periods, and besides, they make me drowsy which I need to be alert. So, thankfully the combination of Lidoderm 5% patches (not dots, not lesser %, nor generic) and of course the Ultram worked for me. Tylenol helps many, but doesn't help me at all. It's really strange how each of our bodies respond so differently to the same meds, and one of the many things that make it such a shot in the dark for the doctors and us.

Hope you can get something to help the pain, and enjoy the aqua therapy. If tomorrow is your first day, be sure to ask your PT if you shouldn't take your pain meds about 1 hour before coming. Most have always told me to do that.

Best wishes and let us know how things go.