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Hey Suzy-Q:

I needed two for pain relief but couldn't tolerate the side effects. I was actually on it for a couple of months for a neck problem and built a tolerance to it. Sometimes I took more than 2 but then I felt really sick and nauseated. The itching and hot flashes never passed nor did the sleep stuff -- I couldnt fall asleep easily and when I did had freaky dreams -- but at the time my doc wouldn't give me anything stronger so I dealt with it. After a couple of months, I didnt need it anymore and weaned myself off it. I'm no doc, but if you give it another day or two and it still isn't cutting it you should really call your doc. Why suffer? Also, FYI, there is a newer version of it called Ultracet. It's 37.5 mg and contains Tylenol. That's what my doc recently gave me but it didn't do anything and I still had side effects, though not as bad.

Good luck and really, why suffer if there is something different or better out there for you?