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I too have have 3 fibroids , 2 inside the womb and 1 outside the size of a grapefruit which is pressing on my spine all the time causing pain and numbness in my legs can't take anything but motrin or tylenol for pain because Dr. had me on narcotics for 4 yrs just long enough to get me addicted.Said it was to help me until I reached menopause.Well guess what that didn't work !!! I started bleeding severly and then would spot until next period so I found another ob' gyn he told me that even after menopause the fibroids would still be there they just would'nt grow any bigger but, the good news was I would not bleed anymore. I'm 48 now and I've decided I can't live with the pain any longer so look out her comes the hysterectomy.Now I have to decide what to do about pain control no more pain pills for me:blob_fire