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Im on medicaid and on disability so i come from both sides.

I went to the ER last year for throwing up blood for a week, i was given 2 tylenol and got refered back to my GP (and i told the ER my gp wouldnt DO anything for it :rolleyes: )

Also this past month i went in for severe nausia, Pain of about 9 (1-10 scale.. 10 being worse) and horrible muscle spasms up and down my back. Now i have fibromyalgia and epilepsy..... and they KNEW this. Later on I passed out during the 3-way blood pressure test (laying, sitting, standing) and then went into a grand maul (that they didnt document and it was the first one that was SEEN by a "doctor") .... i was given ATIVAN...and no pain meds... i suffered for 9 and a half hours and was sent home only to go to the dr's 6 hours later for anti nausia meds!