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I had surgery for ulnar nerve compression at the elbow April 25. I have pain but that is to be expected and the surgeon said it can take time for the nerve to heal etc. Apparently he found a lot of scar tissue in my elbow. I can say that I did notice small improvement with the pins n needles sensation and clawing of the finger after surgery.

Now for my problem...

Around May 11 I was physically assaulted by my ex boyfriend, called the police. Not with him anymore but he confronted me. During the assault I was knocked to the ground hard enough that I loss consciousness etc. I headed to Urgent care the next day and have a mild concussion plus my left elbow where I had surgery was slammed into the concrete. No broken bones. The ER doc suggested I see the surgeon as a precaution the following week, he phoned his office. See my problem is that I block out physical pain easily to the point where I feel either normal or numb. I did this while in the abusive relationship because showing pain meant more beatings. He would become angry if I verbally expressed or showed pain, so I learned to disassociate myself from it. Anyways when I saw the surgeon I said my pain, symptoms were okay because I did not feel anything. He is aware of the assault.

So approximately two days later the pain hit me and it is not good. Previous to surgery I had pin n ' needles just in my hand and after surgery some improvement. Now with this assault the pins n 'needles have started from my elbow up to my hand and pain is about 7-8 (on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worse). I am taking Advil, Tylenol but it is not helping. Trying to cope with this on my own. Since today is a holiday in Canada the surgeons office is closed. I don't like running in for small things and trying to be brave about this but at the same time I hope nothing is wrong. He did tell me at my last appt to keep my next scheduled appt but if I have problems to come back sooner. I think because I was assaulted it brings back old feelings of nervousness, shame etc. The surgeon is aware of the situation in the past/present and has been really good about it. I feel akward.