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Hoyt... I too can tell you that the procedure is fairly painless and that they give you a sedative and is no big deal... You cant take asprin or advil or any anti-inflammatory for the first day or two as it can make you bleed, but you can take Tylenol... The doctors should tell you this.. Also, they told me to use ice packs on area for a few days to help with pain... You should take it easy for the first 24 hours, but I dont recommend any hard work or play either for the first week.... Expect to start feeling better after day 5 - 7..

Look up glucosamine and condroitin for your joints... At your age, you should get good results... Stretching and core excercises can help, but lay off the weight lifting for a while, especially those that compress spine... Do flys, etc..

Get better..