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Quote from kristyg:
Same here. I tried all non surgical options for 3 years! Nothing was enough to fix my problems. No one knew what was actually going on in there until I was opened up for the first time. And now being 4 months post op I have found out that I have a broken screw. Now more than ever I have no choice and I have to have surgery. It'll be a big on but absolutely necessary. If I had my way and could do it any other way, trust me I wouldn't go through with it. It's very stressfull and comes with a lot of risks. Take care all.
BTW- JBRAVO223 what did you decide for the weekend?
Kristy. ;)

Hey Guys...

I decided to go to my girlfriends house. I am still here. This weekend was a bit rough with pain and I think I had more than usual. On Saturday we were out for about 5 hours. That was mostly going to the mall but it did involve a couple of car rides... and Sunday we were out for two hours. We were going to head up to my buddies house but she insisted that I rest today. She's been so good bringing me ice packs , tylenol, etc...

Two things that concern me are:
1 - Her 70lb dog went to jump up on me and I kind of jerked forward to protect the family jewels

2 - She has an SUV which is a little harder to get in and out of. She observed me getting in and out and said that I was completely straight so I guess I should not worry.

I am just so afraid of messing anything up and the fact that my pain is worse this weekend worries me.

Can you guys believe that we're only together for 3 1/2 months and she helps me out like this? I've got a really amazing woman in my life :)