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:angel: Good luck tomorrow. I had my L4-L5 fusion last October and the frist few days were rough but the pain that I had before surgery was pretty much gone and was just trying to get over the surgery pain. Was on the pain patches before surgery and had the morphine drip the first 2 days in the hospital and they sent me home with Tylox. after about 2 weeks I had downgraded to a less strong med and now I am just taking advil or tylenol with neurotin for nerve pain.

I stayed in the hospital a few days and had PT the next morning after surgery. I had a hard brace that I had to wear anytime I was up out of the bed. make sure you have somebody at home to help you especially the first week or so. My dad stayed with me during the day and my mom at night and it helped a lot. especially since I have animals and cant bend over the feed them..

I dont regret the surgery and I am really glad that i went thru it even though i am still have a few problems 7 months later but we are still working on them :D

good luck and you are in my prayers... let us know how it went once you get to feeling better...