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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Kpoe~ My doctor prescribed Acetaminophen (Tylenol) 3 with Codeine along with a major dose (800 mgs), of Ibuprofen (Advil) after my double bunionectomy. They worked pretty well, but I always tried to eat a substantial amount before taking them. The only time I got nauseated from pain meds was when I took one in the middle of the night with only a small snack. Can you tolerate eating more than just the crackers? Our family's favorite food for upset stomachs is the chicken noodle soup with tiny noodles that comes in a box-- Mrs. Grass or Lipton. Also the old standbys of jello & ginger ale. Pretzels are also pretty bland and worked for me. Even though I was told I only needed to ice for 15 minutes of every hour, I did almost constant icing (Just keep a towel between the ice packs & your foot so you don't get frostbite!) along with the elevation for the first few days. I felt that it did help numb my feet, keeping the pain and swelling at bay; in fact I've never had a big problem with swelling and I wonder if that might be why. (I still elevate and ice off and on 3½ weeks post surgery.) If you can't tolerate a major pain med, can you at least take something like the Ibuprofen which has antiinflammatory properties as well as providing pain relief? I wouldn't give up; if your doctor is willing to help you, I'd keep trying different meds until you find one that works. I hope and pray that you will feel much better very soon. Kathy[/FONT]