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I have 600mg ibuprofen, but don't take it as much as I would like. I am just leery of the liver thing and long term useage. I have been on Vicodin forever it seems and think my body has gotten use to it and can take it and work. You can even break them in half if need be. I have percocet and it seems to work better than the vicodin if my pain level gets higher at times. Now mind you I don't take the pain meds every day and when I do take them, I am very careful to only take one maybe two a day. Yesterday I didn't take any, today so far none. But that is rare. And sometimes I take a couple plain ole Tylenol before bed. You will just have to see what works for you and how much you can tolerate and be mobile(like on vacation) I feel for you and the vacation factor. The stress level goes thru the roof right before our vacations over the past several years, in wondering if I can do it.