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So I am about nine weeks post-op from a L4/5 fusion (PLIF) and started having the burning nerve pain about a week ago. Prior to that I had the stabbing pain in the feet and ankles. The doctor thought I was just "doing to much" but now wants me to go for a CT Scan and myelogram test. For most of the day I am fine. For example, I took only 4 tylenol pills today from the time I got up until about 7pm. After that the nerve pain kicked my butt. The only thing I have been doing for the last week is driving. Could driving have hurt me? Right now in my mind I have messed up the fusion or herniated another disk... I hope I am just being paranoid. I was feeling pretty good up until week 5 or 6, so I am afraid I messed something up. Is it typical for the nerve pain to start up again without having "messed" something up???