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Hi there,
I am wondering if anyone suffers from migraine headaches or occular migraines and which birth control pill has made the symptoms less frequent or less severe. I was on Yasmin for a year and initially it really helped with the frequency of my migraines but over time they started coming much more often. I am now on Tricyclen-Lo and now I am suffering with them almost daily. Has anyone had any luck finding a bcp that has helped with their migraines? I am almost ready to stop taking bcp all together.

I am currently on ortho lo also and about 2 months ago i have the most terribly migraines for 2 weeks! Nothing would help it, no tylenol, advil, aleve, bayer, nothing!! the only thing that did help was eating when i had them, but even then not enough to be a comfort! they were so bad that i couldn't walk sometimes. But then i had the worse one of all and after that worse one they just subsided and went away. i have not had another one since. even before these migraines i never really got headaches or anything like that. Hopefully they will go away for you like they did for me. Im pretty sure it was from my BC i experience out of the blue things sometimes due to my BC like dry eyes!! (my doc tells me these things are from my BC) id go see a doctor if it doesnt go away soon.