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Hi Kirim,

Before I read your last update with your MRI info, I started thinking your pains sound alot like what I have. I had many of the same findings on MRI. I am NO doctor, but I have done alot of research on all the medical mumbo-jumbo they use in MRI's.

I think the spondylolisthesis means a slipping of one lower disc over the other. The lordosis is that little curve in your lower back but in your case it seems there is no curve.

I think spodylitic changes is a fancy name for arthritic changes to the bones. I had alot of the same findkings& was told I have Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Disc disease and spinal stenosis.

It sounds like not only are some of your discs bulging out (probably into nearby nerves, which causes alot of pain), but seems you might also compression of the spinal canal from all the arthritic changes. I have the same thing; whats happening to me is because of these changes, my vertebrae & other bones around the vertebrae is trying to "protect" everything in there, so it's building more bone on the outside (bone spurs) and on the inside of the vertebrae. These bones are what's around your spinal canal. When all this occurs, it causes a squeezing effect on your spinal canal. It can cause nerve pains, pins & needles, numbness, weakness; the facet changes (at least for me) sometimes cause me to have very localized pain on points of my spine. I can usually point to them on the outside of my back & when pressed, it feels very tender & sore in those spots. I also get alot of stiffness in my spine.

Questions for you....did you ever notice if bending forward at the waist while standing relieved your pain? Or does it help if you lean over on something, like a shopping cart? Also, do you also get any pains in your rear or down the backs of your thighs?

For me, i can only stand or walk being totally hunched over. When I do that, the pains in my rear and legs totally disappear. But even then I cannot stand or walk more that a couple minutes otherwise I get horrible lower back spasms.

I have tried all sorts of medications: percocet, darvocet, hydrocodone, tylenol, vicodin, ibuprofen, the list goes on. I also had 3 epidural steroid injections into my spine. I was scared at first but they gave me sedatives & I did not feel one thing nor did I even remember getting the needles. This was done by a Pain Management Doc who is also an anesthesiolgist. If you get these shots, make sure they do it by a procedure called "flouroscopy". They use some kind of xray to make sure they put the needle in the proper place.

For me, these shots relieved alot of the pain, but I still had pain in my rear & legs & still couldnt stand straight. But after one month, the effects wore off. I know other people who had these & never had back pain again. So it's different for everyone.

After all this and 3 months of physical therapy, I am going to see a spine specialist to discuss surgery. In my case, that is probably the only chance of relief I can get. I am only 37 and getting worse & worse over the last few years. I keep thinking if Im so incapacitated at this age....what on earth will i feel like in old age????????????? There is no way I can go on the way I am so will just have to shake my fears of surgery and get on with it.


Whatever you do, don't give up. Get an appt. with a spine specialist to go ovver all this with you and discuss all your options!