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Hey folks,

Hope everyone had a good day today and I'm sorry to hear of everyone's aches and pains. Today was my first day back at work (full time!) after an L5-S1 fusion in mid-April and I thought I would be okay, but it was really tough. By 2 or 3pm, one of my legs was singing and I had to take percocet when I got home. I hope tomorrow will be easier and if it's not I will visit the nurse and have a little lie down during the afternoon if I need to. Healing is SUCH a long process. I saw my surgeon, got a clean bill of health and instructions to stop the vicoden and take motrin instead. Well, motrin isn't cutting it, nor is Tylenol! We'll see how it goes, but I might have to call in for another script and I really hope I get it. I love my doc, but felt like he was really minimizing the amount of pain I still have. I should have said something at the time, but I was just so glad to hear that the fusion was successful that I forget to tell him how often my legs and feet are bothering me.

Hope you all have a good day tomorrow, as pain-free as possible and thanks to all for your support over this seemingly endless time of healing. I always know I can come here to let off some steam!

Bestest, Schragie