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A couple of weeks ago my dr prescribed Zocor for me. Last week, I noticed that my joints (starting in my feet) have started hurting. It progressed to my knees, first the left then the right one. I called the doctor and told her I was having muscle pain and she told me to stop taking the Zocor for about a week and then I'll take a lower dose. Last Thursday my knee was hurting so bad that I had to pull out my crutches from a previous injury just to get around the house. Thankfully, I'm off during the summer, or I don't know how I would be able to get around. My hands have started hurting, especially my thumbs. Yesterday, my shoulder was hurting. Last night, my left elbow started hurting, now both are hurting. I can barely lift a drink to my mouth.
And now, my hips are starting to ache. I've taken Tylenol, and even broke down and took some Vicodin a couple of nights ago. Today I've taken Motrin, though I'm not supposed to take too much of that. I don't really want to go to the emergency room because I don't want to sit there all day waiting to be seen. Should I go to Patient First (minor emergency clinic)?
Any advice would be helpful.