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Thank you for the post, we finally got him in for the CT scan everything looks normal from the scan so that is a good thing but still we have no answers on what this could be basically the Doc said that sometimes when you get sick you have some lymph nodes in the lower tummy area that can become enlarged and cause great pain and the vomiting part is the bodys natural way of trying to heal itself when the tummy area has great pain, now im wondering has anyone heard of this or experienced this or is this a way for the doc to say I dont know what the heck is going on here so I will diagnose him with this. He prescribed a tylenol with codine for the pain but its just not working he has not actually gotten sick from this mysterious pain for 4 days now but is still awaken in the middle of the night and crys and curls for anywhere from 20min to 2 hrs then the next day he is once again perfectly fine with his normal diet doc says if after a week on the pain med if still not better he will refer us to a GI Doc,
If anyone has experieced or heard of this lymph node in the tummy region diagnosis causing this sort of pain and vomiting please let me know about it and also how long did it last we are on almost 3 weeks now. Or any other ideas are appreciated,Oh ya and the doc was saying before the CT scan that they will be focusing on the lymph nodes in the ct scan then after we were done with it he was saying they arent able to see them in a ct scan, we will probably be changing docs in the process of this.