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just so you know,vicodin does not affect your test results in any way,if you were perhaps ever taking it ahigher doses,the tylenol in it could possibly affect some of the liver values.but this would go away once the tylenol was stopped.

as far as telling whether or not you have a possible cancer based on this type of routine bloodwork,well that really wouldn't tell you a whole lot regarding any actual cancerous tumors or anything inside of your body.while certain numbers "could' possibly be somewhat 'off' for whatever reason and depending on the actual type of cancer and wherer,this still would not tell you what is causeing the numbers to be out of the norm til you did much further testing.sorry,i now you were hoping this was indeed true but unfortunetly,its not.

hopefully your test will come out fine.my hubby has his annual colo at the end of this month.good luck and please let us know how things o for you.FB