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Hi Holly,

I don't want to scare you or anything and believe me, i know how excruciating the pain is and ya get to the point where you don't care what you are taking; all you want is pain relief. But im worried that you may be taking too many different meds at the same time (especially being that 2 are narcotics)

Vicodin contains acetominophen (tylenol) PLUS hydrocodone (narcotic). The Oxycodone is ALSO a narcotic pain reliever. Both are similar to Codeine. Plus you are taking all that Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants. Please at least do a search on the web for drug interactions and/or look up each of the drugs you are taking to read up on them & see what they are all about. You can end up damaging your liver or kidneys by taking too many of the same type of drug or something worse.
The 325 is tylenol. I am not sure why your doctor would prescribe two short acting medications to control pain. Generally doctors will prescribe a long acting medication like Oxycontin, Morphine or Methadone and then a break through medication such as vicodin to be used only as needed.

Oxycodone is not codiene and is considered a synthetic opiod.

I would talk to your doctor about his prescribing methods, perhaps you would benefit better with one long acting medication and break through medications as needed. Long acting medications can last from 8-24 hours depending on the medication and are a bit safer on the system in comparison to percocet, which is what the oxycodone brand name really is