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I tried to warn ya. LOL My standard all in one diaper is 19.00.

I am the same way now with being poked. I used to be needle phobic, not anymore.

I've never thought about a neurologist. I'll have to look into that.

I'm hurting this morning and took 3 advil to see if that would help it. Instead, I got HORRIBLE stomach pain. I think I'm getting a problem from all the NSAID's now. What gives???? I took some pepto and it called down just a bit. It still hurts, though. I guess I'll have to see if it continues and then tell my NS about it. I'm taking celebrex 1x a dya now(was 2x but I took myself down to 1x) and take advil some, but not every day. I try to alternate between it and tylenol. I also take vicodin but just at night. I called for something different a few minutes ago, and get this, the nurse told me to take Tylenol. Yeah, that's really gonna help me. NOT! UGH! I give up. I'm gonna go try to eat something else and see if it helps my tummy. Be back later.