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Hi BabyBoomer -
After my first fusion I was on percocet for 12 weeks and was only able to be off of it for a brief period at about 6 months post-op. I didn't fuse. I never used more than 20 mg/day and often less. Funny thing is, when decided to go with a new doc I was without anything for about a month since old doc wasn't in the loop and new doc wasn't on board yet and I had no problems at all of a withdrawal nature. I had plenty of back pain though!
I say this just to poinjt out that I had not ever abused the percocet but it would have been very reasonable that I might have become drug-dependent. That is just basic biology. I was surprised and very pleased because I am often quite sensitive to meds and can be counted upon to have have every rotten 'side-efect' and so on.
Just had revision fusion surgery 4 weeks ago and I am taking oxycodone 5 mg at a time and usually have to take it only 4 xs a day but I have awoken in pain a few times and needed extra doses in the night. I, too, have meds for nerve pain, and a muscle relaxant. I take benadryl sometimes to help me sleep.
My doc said I could try moving from the oxy to Tylenol over the next 3 weeks so long as I have no back pain at all. Otherwise, I am to use oxy as Rx'd. Works for me. I am fairly comfortable but am beginning to experience 'twinges' as I try to do more. The lesson there: I need to do less! Best of luck- Suzy-Q