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I probably should have given my history :)
I have:
Had ESI, TENS, PT (myofacial release/strengthening), worked out, botox inj, muscle relaxers (used nightly), ULTRAM used daily *(max dosage per day) was using relafen but it wasn't really helping (presc. strength anti-inflam), motrin and tylenol do diddly squat. I am on my heating pad nightly and thru the day at times, I take baths, get massage, lie on a tennis ball to try and work out the knots. I hate ice, so don't suggest it :eek: :)
My pain isn't from surgery- I am so happy I had it. No real problems there. It is all muscles. I have some muscle pain next to the surgery site bc I can't stretch that area due to it fused and my doc said there isnt much I can do about that but rub it out. My neck, shoulder and upper back spasms are these rows of knots up and down my traps, shoulder blades, ribs, neck. I have TMJ, plantar faciitis and arthritis too!!! I know that working out does help me, but for reasons I am not allowed to say, I am unable to get into a good routine right now. Later, around Sept then my schedule goes back to normal and I'll start working out again. I don't have any narcs, they usually can't help the muscle pain, though if it gets bad enough I'll take like a 2mg vicodin. I'd take the zanaflex during the day but it knocks me out.
THe DO I work with said he could spend hours trying to get me aligned right again. I thought a chiro might do the same. I was getting my neck popped and it seemed to help, though it could have been tha acupuncture that helped that, but I really am not sure. I just don't feel like spending my money on something that really isn't going to help. I mean, should I feel better sooner or later with this, if at all?? This is more frustrating than when my discs were crappy. atleast then I KNEW what the problem was. Not one doc says the herniation in my neck is a problem. I've seen over four :)
SO, gonna try the trigger point inj, I have heard good things about those. I may just have totell the sweet chiro of mine that I am going to hold off foralittle, see what ins will cover and see if he'l manipulate me instead. See, my sacrum goes out and that causes issues and needs to be put back into place and Ijust don't think the activator is working.
SO, would love more input-if nothing else just to be chatting :)
I definately do not have the back problem you have and have never had any form of back surgery so my comments may not help you at all.
I'm also fairly ignorant of the vocabulary.. I don't even know what a "Trap", "DO" or "Activator" are.

Anyway I do have osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in my entire spine.
Because of this the joints all along my spine are out of whack and the spine has bent 15%.
Yeah there is pain to go with all that.
The bending spine has pulled muscles too tight over my hip bone and caused hip Bursitis.
Yep, had a Steriod shot for that but you know it just was in so many spots and they only shot one spot.
The OA also has my neck joints all out of place.
I have done physical therapy for my lower back a couple winters running.
Good but not enough help.

So I have been seeing an Chiropratic Dr for the last couple months.
In the beginning he took my history and took Xrays.
He told me he cannot stop the bending of my spine but he can help slow it down.

I've just completed the first 24 visits (3 x per week) and now am going to go just twice a week.
Each normal session only lasts half an hour.
But he has done my back a huge amount of good.
My Hip Bursitis is now gone.;) THAT is sweet relief,
The mean knot in my shoulder is gone.
I can actually move my neck all the way left and right although it still is a bit stiff. (I couldn't do that at all before before)
I can painlessly bend and touch my toes and actually manage to unbend again without pain.
Setting in the car is no longer terribley painful for my lower back. Still a little achy but not painful like it was.

Have not felt the need to use Tylenol Arthritis, Thermacare heat back wraps or Aspercream since after the first couple weeks visits. Those were items that I used constantly before starting these treatments.

I do hate ice packs and he told me I'd need the cold pack on swollen muscles from the first few treatments. I didn't beleive him but he was very right. The muscles near my spine did swell and I did do the 20 min cold pack and it did the job, just like he said it would. I was very sore the first 6 sessions or so.. oh goodness the beginning does hurt. After the first session I stopped at my son's and told him I felt pounded on and needed a hug!

So for my specific problems this Chiro has been great.
BUT I didn't know that it was a life long commitment.
I sure never expected to go there 3 days a week for 2 months and now I'm going to be going twice a week..
I am tired of going, but hey I sure do feel better now for sure.
My back, shoulder and neck muscles are defiantly happier.

I'm trying to remember . I think about the 8th session I really really hurt so much when I woke up that morning than the time before and they told me that was normal. I kept going and they were right.. it really does take a long time.
Next appointment is Tues..
Thankfully my Medicare covers this.
sounds like the popper you are talking about is the activator.
I am going to see him again later next week, just got a lot going on right now. I am in tons of pain though-especially in my left rib cage in the back to the side. I have no idea WHY and my sacrum is out too. Lovely.
I am lying on my heating pad and tennis ball right now, hopefully I'll feel better soon> I just took some tylenol and two muscle relaxers. we'll see.
So happy it is working for you.