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Hello Frankiesmom,

Oh, I remember when my eldest first went away from home for an extended amount of time. He was only 3 years old. He went to visit Gramps and Grams 4 hours away. My husband dropped him off on his way to Michigan for work and he stayed with Gramps and Grams for 3 weeks! I went through the same worries and anxieties as you are going through right now. I know how you feel. Don't worry, just pack some of her favorites toys, blankets, you know what I mean and put a picture of yourself in her bag. Ask your exhusband to check in with you every other day or if you can call at his house. She'll be okay. When my son came back, he was glad to see me and hug me just as much as I was glad to see him and hug him. Also, don't forget to pack things like baby Tylenol, teething rings, Anbesol for her gums, measuring spoon for medicine, if needed. Also, pack a thermometer, socks even though it's summer, hats, sunscreen for babies and extra clothing such as pajamas.