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I had a hysterectomy in 2004 (they removed one ovary) and 3 months ago I had to have the other ovary because of a cyst. When they removed the ovary, endometriosis had it attached to the abdominal wall. They removed all the endo and the chocolate cyst. Right after surgery, I developed a major yeast infection inside and out. The folds of my legs and groin area and the outside of my vagina as well as the inside were blood red and irritated. Three months later I am still suffering from these same symptoms and I've been through all kinds of treatments. I am now on the metro pill and did a 1 day dose of a strong yeast insert (not an over the counter kind). Also, off and on for the past month, my groin area aches and feels bruised. I've also had problems at night over the past week with symptoms of restless leg snydrom. My legs would be kind of jerky and I couldn't relax them to get off to sleep. Finally took Tylenol to help them to relax. My lower back has hurt and been bad since before my hyst. Do you think the endometriosis has grown back and is in my legs? Wondering now if I don't have it perhaps on my kidneys. I haven't read much about it being on the kidneys, but I do know that can happen.

I am on Progestrion 1.25 and I also take Cymbalta 60 mg. I have been taking 2 vitamin B w/ C every morning to help with energy, but I'm still so tired. I am so sick of being sick! I am only 38 and I feel like I'm so much older. Any help and advice would be great. I go back to see the OBGYN on August 15. Thanks!