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I broke my big toe recently....and yes it HURTS. What i did was taped it to the toe next to it (i put cotton under the tapep too to cushion it cuz my break was right on the knuckle and next to anerve so it was very painful for me. the cotton went all the way around my toe to cushion it as i walked as well...it worked). Then i made sure i wore some shoes with a hard sole so it wouldnt bend my toe when i walked on it. You might want to stay off your foot for a day or few, but i didnt.

Basically its a heal on your own, take tylenol or asprin or something for the pain and swelling. Ice it if its bruised, also helps with pain.

It took my toe about 6 weeks to "heal" enough to untape it, but around 3 months for it to be nearly new again.

your big toe is the main balance part of your foot, so be careful.

Good luck on your healing :angel: