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Here's the update on my rotator cuff surgery.

Had surgery on Nov. 1st. The day before my surgery I had to do a pre-op at the doc's office and the hospital. Doc prescribed Oxycodon (painkiller) and told me to take one at night before the surgery next morning. Surgery was scheduled for 7.30 am and I had to be at the hosp. at 5.30 am. Well, back to the painkiller. I took one at night before going to bed...by 4 am I woke up with so much nausea and dizziness. I couldn't even stand up straight and was throwing up constantly. At that moment I felt that my whole guts were coming up my throat. I thought that this surgery wasn't going to happen that day. Anyway, at the hosp. they started evaluating me to make sure I could go through with the surgery. According to the nurses, the painkiller is too much for my body size. I am 5 ft and weights 112 lbs. Also, the fact is I am allergic to codene. Since, I never had surgery before and never taken any form of painkiller I do not know my allergic react.

Anyway, surgery was proceeded after evaluation. The Anesthesiologist located a nerve on my neck and gave me 2 shots to block the pain post-surgery for 18 hrs. That was painfull because I remember screaming. This helps quite a bit honestly adter the surgery. I came around about 6 hrs later. My shoulder was thickly bandaged and was on a sling. Anyway, I was prescribed Vicodin for pain. Had to take the first one around midnight when the pain started. First 3 nights I had to sit up to sleep as there was so much pain if I were to lay down. Pain continues for the next 2 days but my husband told me not to take too much of the Vicodin as it is very addictive. I took tylenol instead to ease the pain.

The most inconvenient part of this surgery is that you have to do everything with one arm post-surgery. Unless you have a partner who is able to help you out I suggest you find a helper. You will not be able to cook, clean or wash with one hand. Worst part is you can't put on any bra or clothes by yourself without help. You can only take bath and will need someone to scrub your back and some of those post surgery mess from your arm and body.

It's the 12th day now after my surgery and I have not driven myself anywhere. Still Have some problem trying to put on my seat belt. Furthermore, I couldn't put my left arm through a sleeve and I just wear an extra large T-shirt leaving one arm on a sling hidden from view. This even makes it harder to go out as I don't like appearing in public not properly dressed or with messy hair. For now I am able to stack couple of pillows to sleep. I will be removing stitches tomorrow.

Will update my progress soon.